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Coats 220

Coats 220 Tire Changer

Coats 220 Tire Changer

The COATS 220 is a simple to operate manual tire changer designed to handle all types of wheels from 8" to 23" and up to 8" wide. Designed to change Motorcycle and ATV wheels, it also works with trailers, golf carts, lawn and garden tractors and small automotive wheels. Unlike changing tires by hand, you can change tires much faster and easier with less risk of damage to expensive wheels.

Features of the Coats 220

  • VERSATILE: Handles all spoked or cast motorcycle wheels from 14" to 23" diameter, with one set of rim clamps. A second set of rim clamps services a wide variety of wheels from 8" to 17.5" diameter—such as ATV's, automotive, etc. Works with both tubeless and tube-type tires.
  • FAST: Specially designed outside rim clamping assures positive hold down—no need to remove brake discs or sprockets. A single heavy-duty forged steel combo tool is used for tire mounting and demounting.
  • SIMPLE: Wheel is located at a convenient working height and is easily accessible. Overhead arm assembly pivots out of the way when not needed for use with the combo tool.
  • WHEEL PROTECTION: Replaceable plastic protectors on mount/demount combo tool and replaceable plastic clamp pads on the three rim clamps helps prevent scratching or denting of wheels.
  • BUILT-IN BEAD BREAKER: Sturdy mechanical leverage allows quick and easy loosening of even the most stubborn motorcycle beads. (For tough ATV beads, we recommend the MC135 ATV Bead Breaker.)
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